5 Tips for Working with Freelancers on an SEO Project

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SEO Metricsc course online

SEO projects are the perfect arena for freelance input. Freelancers provide an eclectic array of talent that is otherwise hard to find down more traditional routes, for example with permanent staff members. The flexibility factor for this line of work definitely serves a purpose, but it also has its drawbacks. Bringing people in on a project with deadlines and relying on new people to provide services can be difficult to manage in many respects. With that in mind, here are five tips for working with freelancers successfully on an SEO project.

Always Ask for Samples of Work

During the project planning stages, you will outline a clear expectation on paper about what you need from any freelancer coming into the inner circle. This will be reflected in the job description, but it needs to be backed up with evidence from potential candidates. Do they have what it takes to bring the project to life? You will only know if you see some previous assignments. Always ask for samples of work and read them thoroughly to gain a sense of a writer’s identity, what they have to bring to the table, and how they may tackle a brief in this remit.

Provide Thorough Briefs

The best way to get ahead is to make the briefs tight. Display all the information in an easy to read format with clarity as the core focus. If there is room for misinterpretation, things are more likely to go off on unfavorable tangents. Define the client, the purpose, the scope, and exactly what you require from the freelancer providing their services. With a clear brief in hand, people have the tools they need to meet expectations. There are plenty of reliable payment methods to compensate workers, like the Ria Money Transfer platform which specializes in supporting foreign payments. This is highly useful for the freelance arena as often, people from all around the world collaborate on SEO projects.

Be Consistent with Payment Schedules

A major complaint from freelancers around the world is the inconsistent, erratic payment methods various companies offer. This is something that needs fine-tuning before taking on staff commitments in any format.

Have Clear Guidelines

It is safe to say that the majority of freelancers will have worked with a number of companies by the time they reach your door. They may even have concurrent projects on the go while working for you, so there is a need for clear guidelines from your perspective. These take into account factors like writing styles and templates, language choices, and general file management preferences. It can save a lot of time when it comes to editing documents and makes everyone’s life easier every step of the way.

Focus on Quality Assurance Tactics

Finally, don’t forget QA. Quality Assurance is an afterthought for many companies; however, it is an integral step to ensure briefs are met correctly and all SEO components are adhered to. So, when a document is handed in, edit and cross reference every word on every line thoroughly.

Working with freelancers has many benefits, particularly for SEO projects. Yet SEO calls for a level of expertise and knowledge that is in constant demand. Vet candidates efficiently, provide clear guidelines, and make sure you stick to the agenda.