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Monday, May 22, 2023

5 Types of Medicare Leads

As of 2019, 52.6 million Americans joined Medicare upon becoming eligible due to their age, and another 8.7 million became eligible for disability benefits through Medicare.

Identifying your target audience and creating an educational website is only useful if you can get those leads back to your site, where they can find a contact form to reach out to you directly. If you want to generate Medicare leads and increase your sales, read below to learn more.

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Search Engines

​​Keyword research is the process of finding out the search terms, or keywords, users are typing into Google and other search engines to find your company. But keyword research can also illuminate what words are being used to find your competitors. There may be keywords that you have not thought of that would be particularly helpful to your business.

Top keywords include “Medicare Advantage,” “Medicare Brokers,” and “Insurance Carriers,” along with your city’s name or zip code.


Social media makes targeted ads easy. Find Facebook groups devoted to topics concerning seniors, and target your ads toward people in your state who are over the age of 60. The key to success is to focus on useful information rather than selling, which can turn off some people when they see ads across their screen. Pay-per-click advertising through Facebook only works if you have an impressive landing page on your website, so make sure it is its best and has clear navigation tools.

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The advantage of events is that you get to speak directly to your target audience. Before you plan one, make sure that you follow CMS’ rules for hosting sales events. At formal sales events, agents invite audiences to learn plan-specific information. At informal events, agents can provide information upon request only while at a table, booth, kiosk, or RV. Don’t forget about the option to hold a virtual event if those are allowed in your state. They provide added flexibility to seniors who may have transportation issues or simply want to get the information they need from the comfort of their homes.

Direct Mail

Although direct mail is more expensive, it has a higher ROI compared to other methods of generating Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement leads. It’s an effective supplement to your other marketing campaigns. Just like with events, your direct mail must be focused on education and introducing your audience to the plans.

Email Marketing

Email marketing works great for tech-savvy seniors or those who have younger family members to help them use a smartphone to keep in touch. This means that this demographic has access to email more than ever. As long as you use a font that is easily readable and that the email leads to your landing page, email marketing can be an excellent supplemental lead source.



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