Is Investing in Lab Created Diamonds a Good Idea?

Lab Created Diamonds
Lab Created Diamonds

So Is Investing in Lab Created Diamonds a Good Idea?

The answer to the above question would be a big Yes. It is always a good idea to invest in lab-created diamonds. The only thing you must keep in mind when buying these precious stones is that you are buying them from the right place.
If you are looking to invest in diamonds, you must know why even lab grown diamonds are valuable. The section below talks about the resale value of these diamonds and more.

Why Should You Consider Lab-Made Diamonds Valuable?

Lab Created Diamonds
Lab Created Diamonds

The recent years have seen the popularity of lab-created diamonds increase significantly among investors. Still, some people wonder whether it is possible to resale these stones to earn reasonable profits. Indeed, some traditional jewelers claim that lab-made diamonds do not have any value. However, that’s not true. The fact is that most lab-made diamonds have a similar resale value as naturally mined diamonds.

If you know the factors that make mined diamonds resalable, it will become easier for you to understand why man-made diamonds are equally valuable. You cannot expect to get the market price for the old pieces of diamonds in your locker. However, if they are decades old, they will fetch you more money than what you paid for buying them. The statement stands true for all kinds of diamonds, mined or man-made.

Here, you must remember that it’s important to do thorough research to spot buyers offering more lucrative payment terms.

Things You Must Know about Lab Created Diamonds 

Lab-made diamonds, which are often referred to as synthetic diamonds, usually look exactly like their naturally mined counterparts. That’s possible because these artificial pieces feature the same carbon atom structures as the natural ones. In other words, the optical characteristics and chemical composition of the two diamond types are identical.

When it comes to the manufacturing process, scientists replicate the process of production of natural diamonds. The two factors that result in the production of natural diamonds are intense pressure and heat. The extreme pressure and heat transform carbon atoms into these captivating and gorgeous gemstones. The process takes millions of years to complete.

Scientists create a similar environment to make diamonds in laboratories. This process usually completes in several weeks instead of millions of years. In the first step, lab grown diamond takes the form of a tiny stone. Experts call it diamond seed. Diamond seeds are kept in a chamber that has similar conditions as the Earth’s crust. Staying in that chamber coats the seeds with pure carbon and within weeks, they take the form of diamonds.

Scientists tend to use two different methods for making diamonds in laboratories. They are CVD or Chemical Vapor Deposition and HPHT or High-Pressure High-Temperature. CVD involves the use of a combination of various gaseous chemicals for breaking down carbon atoms and inducing crystallization. HPHT, on the other hand, uses a temperature of around 2,700 Fahrenheit and pressure of around 1.5 million lb./sq. inch.

Final Words 

If you are planning to buy lab-created diamonds, do so from a widely reviewed trusted store. Several online stores sell high-quality artificial diamonds for reasonable prices.