6 Marketplaces Where Cryptocurrencies Are Accepted  


The payments for services and goods can be traced way back to the earliest trade in human history. Later on, money started to get minted and became a dominant way to make payments for nearly two thousand years. But now, in this era, the way people make payments have taken a completely different turn as the currency has become digital. Cryptocurrency has simplified the process of buying, selling, and trading for individuals across the globe. People can now make payments from any corner of the world without any hassle. So, if you can use applications, such as Bitcoin Prime to conduct all your payment-related work as it’s pretty secure and safe.  

Marketplaces that accept cryptocurrencies 

You must be wondering if any online marketplaces accept cryptocurrencies as a payment for goods and services. In short, there are many. To know which are these marketplaces you can straightaway check the information below. 

  1. Overstock: Overstock is a reputed and well-known online marketplace that supports crypto payments. The website provides all the best offers and deals on furniture, jewelry, bedding, mattresses, and rugs. The CEO of Overstock decided to sell it as he wanted to focus on the blockchain business iZERO. But later on, he decided to keep Overstock and work on the new blockchain venture simultaneously.
  2. CryptoPet: CrytoPet stands out as an ideal place to buy all the pet-related stuff for birds, hamsters, dogs, cats, and fish. The site sells all its pet-related supplies both locally and internationally and accepts cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin, DASH, and many more.
  3. 1000 EcoFarms: This particular online marketplace maps out all the farm-produced food near you. Natural beauty products, local food items, and artisanal products are some of the things you can buy through this site. It provides its support to all the small farms and accepts cryptocurrencies from all the sellers. 
  4. Newegg: Newegg is an online marketplace, which is one of the key players in the area of e-commerce. The site provides electronic products and stands out as an excellent site to purchase cryptocurrency mining hardware. Since it’s pretty popular among cryptocurrency miners, Newegg started to accept Bitcoin. 
  5. REEDS Jewelers: REEDS Jewelers is a well-known name in the market for its high-quality jewelry. The site sells watches, Pandora’s charms, jewelry, and many other things. This online marketplace accepts the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment and supports over 65 stores across the nation. During the time of buying, the amount gets converted into BTC or Bitcoin through the exchange rate provided by Coinbase.
  6. Shopify: Shopify is a universally popular online e-commerce store that provides plenty of products and items. It was reported that around 60,000 merchants have to utilize this particular platform, with a gross merchandise volume, which exceeded $26-billion. The e-commerce website accepts various types of cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and over 300 altcoins.

Summing Up 

Now, there is no need to use the traditional payment methods to pay for all the goods and services that you purchase from the online marketplaces. You can simply pay up through cryptocurrencies without any issue, and the process is pretty fast and safe as well.