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Monday, October 25, 2021

$600 Stimulus Check To Arrive As Soon As Tonight

Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary on Tuesday tweeted that the stimulus check for all the eligible Americans will be arriving as soon as tonight while pointing towards the IRS’s tool for getting more status updates.

On Tuesday the Department of Treasury stated that the 2nd round of checks will get distributed automatically and the eligible individuals won’t have to take any action regarding that. According to the text mentioned in the bill, the present round of direct payment or stimulus check which is a part of the new $900 billion stimulus bill should be distributed by January 15th. Starting from Wednesday, over 10 million will be mailed each week to the recipients without their deposit information inside the files of the IRS.

Contents Of The New Stimulus Check

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There will be payments of $600/individual along with $600/dependent under the age of 17 years inside the stimulus check. However, there is a possibility of that amount getting increased to $2000, the demand which is getting stalled inside the Senate. Extra payments will get issued once the amount in the checks gets increased through the legislation. On Monday morning, the House which is controlled by the Democrats passed the Cash Act for increasing the amount in the checks from $600 – $2000 and for expanding the bonus for all the dependents. They also changed the eligible age of the dependent from 17 to any age.

Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader, Senate blocked the anonymous vote of consent on the stimulus check of $2000 legislation which was requested by Chuck Schumer, Minority Leader, Senate. McConnell later proposed a bill which is a combination of the stimulus checks of $2000 plus the repeal of an internet law of 1996, Section 230, which protects any platform from liability issues that can arise out of content generated by the users. President Trump supports both these demands but the Democrats seem to oppose Section 239 repeal.

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