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Stimulus Check News: Nearly 645,000 American Citizens Missed Their Third Stimulus Check

The economy of America was not in its best condition last year in March, as the cases of Covid-19 were rising and due to several restrictions, millions lost their job. The distribution of vaccines was not even in every part of the country which the majority of the citizens suffered. Thus, to help the citizens from this terrible condition, the Government of America signed the third stimulus check that reached the bank accounts of the people by March.

Ways To Reclaim Your Missed Stimulus Check

Though the third stimulus check was sanctioned to decrease the burden on the people, many of them still did not receive it like others. A report was recently published which stated that approximately 645,000 people still did not receive their stimulus checks even after being eligible for them since September last year. Some of these people are also eligible for the new round of stimulus checks. 

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The third stimulus check was sanctioned under the American Rescue Plan and as soon as it became official, the IRS began distributing it to the citizens. The IRS determined the eligibility from the data of the previous year’s tax filing and could only send the stimulus checks to them. 

Though non-filers could opt for the check, many did not. Thus, as per the Department of the Treasury, nearly 645,000 citizens missed the money from direct payment by September. This meant till six months they did not get the required help from the Government. 

The total number might be wrong suggesting that some might have actually received the stimulus check, however, the number is quite substantial to ignore. Thus, to receive the missed check, the citizens need to file their 2021 income tax return and demand their Recovery Rebate Credit. The last date of filing is the 18th of April and for the assistance of poor people, the VITA program is there which helps the citizens with issues related to tax-free costs.

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