7 video games rising in 2021 

11 Biggest PS5 Games Coming In 2021
11 Biggest PS5 Games Coming In 2021

It comes as no surprise that the pandemic-ridden 2020 saw a surge in video gamers, with the figures standing at 2.7 billion worldwide at the conclusion of the previous year, according to CompareCamp. The industry worth billions of dollars is amongst the most lucrative ones for investors, with hundreds of games releasing per annum. 

Numerous games are also slated to release in 2021, while many are already available in the market for consumers. The year promises a comprehensive list of noteworthy, exciting games with interesting storylines and incredible graphics.    

Here is an exhaustive list of the best video games you can expect to play in the coming year: 

  1. New Pokemon Snap  

Fans of the classic game are finally getting the much-anticipated sequel in the form of New Pokemon Snap. The new iteration takes the gameplay of the previous Pokemon Snap 1999 and adapts it for the Nintendo Switch. The game allows you to discover dense jungles, massive deserts, and picturesque beaches to take in-game photos of over 200 Pokemon in their native environment.  

In addition, you will get to investigate the mysterious Illumina phenomenon in the Lental region with Professor Mirror by your side. Here, you will encounter a part of the vegetation and Pokemon emitting a special glow. Your job is to research the cause of this glow while observing the new Pokémon exhibit never-seen-before behaviors and expressions.      

Platform: Nintendo Switch 

Releasing: April 2021 

  1. Resident Evil 8: Village  

Sequel to Resident Evil 7, the game follows the events occurring a few years after the previous release.  The protagonist Ethan Winters, living peacefully with his wife at the beginning of the game, finds himself in the terrifying eponymous village teeming with werewolves, witches, vampires, and more.  He is on a mission to find some answers and rescue his kidnapped daughter. You will also see BSAA captain Chris Redfield’s familiar face as he attacks the Winters’ home  

The developers promise a bigger, better, and scarier game with ultra-realistic graphics and a gripping quest. You are armed with a host of weapons and items in your artillery to fight off foes, along with healing things and ammo for sustainability in the game.    

Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X, PC 

Release: May 2021 

  1. Deathloop  

Deathloop is about two assassins Juliana and Cole, stuck in the mysterious place called Black Reef, each having a mission of their own. The game takes place in a time loop, which resets itself after every twenty-four hours. To escape the repetitive cycle, Cole needs to kill eight “visionaries” scattered around the chaotic island before the time runs out. In addition to performing the monstrous feat, he has to dodge another assassin, Juliana, who wants to keep the loop going and is on a hunt to eliminate Cole. The game, developed by Arkane Lyon, allows you plenty of learning opportunities as you try to find new paths, tactics, and approaches to succeed in your mission.  

Platforms: PS5 (timed exclusive), PC 

Release: May 2021 

  1. Mr Driller 

Mr. Driller, by Unlimited Gamez Mo, is bound to keep you hooked for hours as you navigate through the blocks to practice your drilling expertise. The premise, to see how deep you can dig, is engrossing yet straightforward, while the added obstacles keep you on your toes. You have to drill through the crates blocking your way, which might take up precious air you need for survival. You need to race to unearth the air capsules, so you do not run out of breath. To top it off, you need to keep an eye on the blocks falling from above that could crush you to death. The best part about accessing the game is that the subscription to the platform put a plethora of other games at your disposal.  

Platforms: iOS, Android 

Release: 2021 

  1. Mario Golf: Super Rush  

The gaming industry is often rife with rumors and speculation about upcoming games. There are quite a few expectations and theories about the new game featuring everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario, leading up to its release.   

Mario and company are heading out to the golf courses in the brand new installment by the beloved franchise, donning their flat caps and dusting their clubs.  You can choose from a range of expertise levels, from the relatively easier Standard Golf to the challenging and energetic Speed Golf. Armed with intuitive controls, a shot gauge, and other cool features, the game allows up to four players to play together locally or online.  

Platform: Nintendo Switch 

Release: June 2021 

  1. Monster Hunter Rise 

Following the success of Monster Hunter World comes the sixth chapter of the franchise, Monster Hunter Rise. As with the previous installment, the gameplay includes the player taking up Hunter’s role as he weakens, kills, and traps the monsters using various weapons and tools. When you complete each quest, you earn a loot of different monster parts to forge new weapons to elevate your character’s beast-slaying skills.  The video game allows you to implement some of the previous installments‘ mechanics and introduces some new and exciting character moves.  

Platform: Nintendo Switch 

Release: March 2021   

  1. Stray 

Developed by BlueTwelve Studio, Stray allows you to embody a little street cat that is lost, alone, and separated from its family. The puzzle-based video-game sets the scene of a decaying cyberpunk world crawling with robots and other dangerous creatures. Your task, as the stray, is to roam the surroundings, crawl under cars, climb over rooftops, and perform other feline maneuvers to defend the city against unforeseen dangers. To escape this world, you need to untangle an ancient mystery with the help of your newfound sidekick, B12, a small flying robot.  

Platforms: PS4, PS5, PC 

Release: October 21   

Final Thoughts 

There are many more games coming to your screens this year, but we have mentioned only a few that seem promising, exciting, and have a definite release date. We hope that these games deliver on their promise of hours of entertainment, enthralling action, and mind-boggling mysteries.    

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