8 Technical Tips for eCommerce SEO 


The beginning of the new year is the right time to update your SEO strategy. Each new business, without costly, would like to become a giant in its own sphere, as https://m.22bet.co.ke/casino/, which has become the largest and most famous representative of bookmaking, once achieved this. In this article, we will tell you about the main technology trends of 2021, which, if applied correctly, will increase the effectiveness of SEO promotion of your online store. 

  1. Adapt Your Online Store for Mobile Devices

Adaptation of web design for mobile devices has ceased to be an “additional option”. Today, it is no less important than the usability of a website on a personal computer and is one of the most important elements of SEO optimization of an online store. Mobile-friendly sites are much more likely to get high positions in the top search engines. <

  1. SEO-optimize Your e-Commerce Site for Voice Search Queries

Many users are accustomed to voice assistants (Siri, Cortana, Google Now and others), and therefore SEO optimization of the online store for voice queries will be a big plus. That is, for a more natural speech. 

  1. Use Relevant SEO Phrases

There are ways to get rid of your keyword headaches. In order not to be repeated in posts and on pages and not to use only direct entry, you can choose relevant phrases. There are services that help SEO optimization, such as Rank Tracker. 

  1. Analyze Data From Statistics Systems to Plan an SEO Strategy

Experts are confident that the importance of metrics will only grow in 2022. Their analysis allows you to monitor the quality of content, study the bounce rate, time spent on the site, scroll depth, determine the most effective interactions, as well as analyze the so-called behavioral factors. 

What are the recommended metrics to use? Semantic core visibility, site traffic, bounce rate, time on page, and others. Data can be collected, for example, in Google Analytics. 

  1. Analyze Site Logs to Improve SEO Promotion

The importance of analyzing site logs was talked about a lot in the past year. This is the primary information that makes it possible to find out how search relates to the site, analyze its performance and find problems that are difficult to identify with other SEO tools. 

  1. Conduct Local SEO Optimization

At Google, the trend of local site optimization has dominated for several years. In other words, this is called “local SEO”, when a site is optimized for a specific geographic area. 

The growing influence of voice search on Google makes this factor very important. Long “tails” of voice queries that are tied to a metro station or a city area can lead a potential client to your site. Therefore, make sure you have the addresses and contact details of all branches, outlets, and offices of your online store if you want to achieve perfect SEO optimization. 

  1. Move to HTTPS Protocol

Over the past year, many site owners have been asking the question: “Is it worth moving to HTTPS or not?” The answer is clear – worth it. 

HTTPS encrypts data and makes it inaccessible to unauthorized persons. A secure site makes it clear to the user that all his data is safe. 

  1. Diversify Your Content for Successful SEO Promotion

Text content still plays a big role in the proper SEO optimization of an online store. Analyze the content of your site, remove what you think may be boring, and therefore ineffective.