Aaron Taylor Johnson: The Man Set To Take On The Mantle Of James Bond, Or Is He?

Aaron Taylor Johnson james Bond

Rolling Stone UK will have Aaron Taylor Johnson on the cover next month. For the rest of the year, the 33-year-old star has a lot planned. His other movies are “Kraven the Hunter” (out August 30 from Sony) and “Nosferatu” by Robert Eggers (out December 25 from Focus Features). “The Fall Guy” comes out May 3 from Warner Bros. (he has a small role in it). Since he only played Pietro Maximoff in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (2015), Taylor-Johnson can start a new character show with “Kraven.”

A magazine asked Taylor Johnson what it was like to face Kraven. Johnson said, “I think there was something unique and grounded about this character.” “We’re all sick of seeing certain studio movies and pop culture that makes us not want to go to the movies anymore.” Not if I thought there was something that could really make this character come to life, I wouldn’t have decided to do it.

During the chat, he talked about how different it was to work on a Sony/Marvel movie. “That’s one thing: the story, the character, and the part.” Later, you’ll deal with a business and a franchise, or possible franchises. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Actually, it’s nice that they’re taking a chance on me. Although, as an actor, you need to please the company, the public, and yourself. It is very hard for me to do all of that.

What About Aaron Taylor Johnson Being James Bond?

Another name that Taylor Johnson might be interested in is James Bond. He’s been a favorite to take over the part from Daniel Craig for a long time. On March 18, The Sun said that he had been officially offered the part and would be signing a contract soon. Taylor-Johnson’s friends and family played down the story by saying that he has not been cast as Bond. Although, anything could happen in the future.

He told Rolling Stone UK, “I can only really talk about the things I’m going to show and tell.” “I don’t think I need a plan for my future.” I say, “No matter what’s happened to me, I can fuckin’ do better.” Although the runners and riders were walking around the field, Aaron Taylor Johnson got off his horse and carefully tapped his whip against his thigh as he walked back to the changing room.

Exactly what happened? Was his lawyer lying when he told the press about talks at work in the hopes of getting a big fee? Did someone take them up on their offer? How much do you know? Regardless, directors Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, who are in charge of Bond’s love life at the famous Eon offices in Piccadilly, need to start looking all over again and look over the badly crumpled and thumbed form sheet. These people could be the next James Bond.

Idris Elba

This is an excellent choice for many. Elba is a great character star. She has been in action movies before and is funny and strong. Ten years ago, the silly debate over whether or not a black person should play James Bond stopped. But Elba’s choice might have the same effect on Tucker Carlson as if someone stabbed him in the heart with 10ml of poison from a specially modified umbrella. According to Elba, he’s too busy playing Luther and has been modest about his age (51). What does it actually matter? What a handsome man!

Tom Cruise

The Cruise would look crazy if they could do a British accent. Could he put on a Canadian accent? He’s good at making tuxes. Seeing him play another hero would be strange, though, since he’s already a star. He may also care too much about family and being a gentleman to play the parts where he cheats on his woman and knows a lot about cocktails, though this is less of an issue these days.

Rége-Jean Page

Page, who is from Bridgerton and is one of the younger stars, has the style, charm, and sass to be a great Bond. He could be like James Bond for the TikTok youth, and individuals of all genders could like him.

Richard Madden

Madden is a great-looking and well-liked actress. In Jed Mercurio’s TV drama The Bodyguard, he won over fans’ hearts and minds as the brave police officer who looked out for Keeley Hawes’s home secretary. Nevertheless, he could be too nice.

Henry Golding

When you read Golding, you want to swoon. He’s a smart and dishonest Malaysian-British actor who played Nick, the shady rich character from Crazy Rich Asians. He could choose a nice dress, and CRA showed that Golding could make a believable worldly man. A director would have to change how he acts so that he doesn’t seem like a nice guy who only wants Instagram likes. He seems trustworthy, though.

Tom Hiddleston

To a lot of people, Hiddleston is a typical James Bond. He is tall, good-looking, well-spoken, and from an English public school. Furthermore, he played the main character in The Night Manager, the world’s most famous spy school. Could Hiddleston not see this as the next step in his career? He did play the crazy bad guy Loki in the Marvel movies, but that only makes him seem more real as Bond.

Matt Smith

Smith might be the best Bond actor if Broccoli and Wilson choose to set the series in the 1950s and 1960s, as many fans, experts, and back-seat Aston Martin drivers have suggested over the years. Smith looks strong, and in The Crown, he played a young Prince Philip. Considering how No Time to Die finished, that makes sense too. Smith was also Dr. Who, which proves he can be funny. Dr. Who fans might not mind this new development.

Taron Egerton

Egerton is a good actor who has played action parts before and can joke around after getting punched in a close-up. There is a problem with reality, though. Because he plays a Bond-like character in the Kingsman movies and is connected to the Vaughn/Ritchie world, he might not be able to play the part. Some James Bond fans might compare it to putting Mike Myers in his Austin Powers wardrobe. Although you might be wrong.

James Martin

Awesome and good-looking is TV cook James James Martin. His girlfriend, Bond director Barbara Broccoli, is his love, and he used to hang out with her. He’d be a nice addition to the chain, and he’d look great in a restaurant scene.