Additional Stimulus Check From US States

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Stimulus Check

Since the federal government of the United States is not paying the 4th stimulus check, several states have come forward with extra stimulus checks. They are paying relief money to help residents struggling with inflation and get basic needs like medication and food. 

Find Out States Paying 4th Stimulus Check 

California: Eligible residents will receive almost $700 if couples file jointly and earn below $150,000 per year. Individual beneficiaries will get $350 and households with dependents will get $350. 

Colorado: Tax rebates amounting to $750 for individual residents while joint filers might get $1,500. 

Delaware: Eligible individuals will receive $300 as tax returns. 

Florida: Households will get $450 for every dependent. 

Georgia: Single filers will receive $250 while household heads will get $375 and couples will receive $500. 

Hawaii: Although details have not been informed yet, taxpayers of Hawaii with under a $100,00 income level are eligible for a $100 rebate. 

Idaho: Residents who filed 2020, as well as 2021 tax returns or grocery credit return refunds, are eligible to get 12% or $750, whichever amount is higher. 

Illinois: Annual income of under $200,000 for individuals or under $400,000 for couples will get $50 and $100, respectively, as rebates. 

Indiana: A rebate of $125 is being offered. 

Maine: Household head earning $150,000, a couple earning $200,000 and individuals with $100,000 annual income will receive an $850 stimulus check. 

Massachusetts: They decided on sending rebates worth $250. 

Minnesota: Frontline workers will get $750. 

New Jersey: $500 to eligible families. 

New Mexico: $250 rebate based on income level. 

Oregon: $600 one-time payment as a tax credit

South Carolina: Details are pending but residents might get $800. 

Virginia: $250 and $500 to individuals and couples, respectively, as tax returns. 

What To Expect? 

Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Kentucky might follow and pay additional stimulus checks. States are coming forward to help their people.