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Adobe Unveils Its Latest Photoshop Update For macOS And Windows

On 17th November, Adobe announced the revelation of its latest photoshop arms beta version. This update will be applicable for both macs and windows. People who own Mac mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (all run by Apple’s M1 chip) and surface pro X will be able to use photoshop as native software on their electronic devices. 

As of now, users can access photoshop through the ARM on Windows devices. As for Apple users, they can access the software in their macOS through Rosetta. 

Adobe Says The New Photoshop Version Will Increase Performance Level

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As per the statement given out by Adobe, the latest photoshop upgrade makes many promises. The company said that the native software will hugely improve the software’s functionality on both macOS and Windows devices. 

Since this version of the software is still a beta version, we have not been able to look at all the tools available. As of now, tools like patch tool, healing brush, content-aware fill, and such are missing from the current photoshop version. 

Even so, the news is quite exciting for Apple users as the combination of sophisticated software and M1 chip promises to be quite powerful. 

Arm-Powered Macs To Receive World Of Warcraft As A Native App

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There are a number of issues that both windows and macOS devices face while running Adobe’s Photoshop software. The company stated that they have taken a bite of all these issues and are working hard on finding fitting solutions. 

Adobe, however, the company did not specify when they will be releasing the list of solutions. Sources say that it will be some weeks before this happens. It should be noted that the beta photoshop version is not ready for regular workload as of yet. Moreover, it can only be accessed through the tab for beta software on Creative Cloud. 

Adobe also failed to mention if and when their apps in Creative Cloud will make a transition to be accessed through ARM65. Even so, given that the latest version of Photoshop will be natively available on both macOS and windows, it’s a major win for ARM-powered electronic devices. 

But this is not all. Arm-supported Macs are also receiving other features that will surely up its game. Earlier in the week, Blizzard announced that arm-supported macs will also receive World of Warcraft as a native app. So, users can avoid translating the newest world of Warcraft through Rosetta. 

The latest version of World of Warcraft will include native support for the M1 chip by Apple from the get-go. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be launched in a couple of weeks. 

Adobe is a multinational company dealing with computer software systems. It is located in California, United States.

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