What Is OSOM And Why Is Their Privacy Hardware Challenging iPhones?


OSOM has announced that they will release a line of privacy hardware next year. With their entry, they are threatening the supremacy of iPhones and androids. 

Note that even though Andy Rubin’s team from Essential is working on OSOM, Andy Rubin is not. 

In 2019, Jason Keats took a trip to Hong Kong. Even though he might not have realized it, the journey for OSOM had already begun. The R&D head went to China to develop programming hardware for Project Gem, one of the upcoming branches of Essential. Project Gem promised the launch of a new kind of smartphone, which was unusually slick and skinny in design. Later, Keats took another trip to China again in January this year. He worked in Project Gem and finished the product. However, since Andy Rubin was surrounded by conspiracies, the project was essentially doomed even before its launch. 

Andy Rubin: The Founder Of Essential

Before we dive into OSOM, let’s take a brief look at Andy Rubin, the founder of Essential. People in the business even call him the father of android devices. 

Unfortunately, the company faced a rapid downfall after Rubin was canceled for sexually abusing multiple women. Besides, the first smartphone from Essential called PH-1 did not do too well in the market. 

The Birth Of OSOM


As for Jason Keats, his China trips proved quite beneficial. Ultimately, it led to the birth of OSOM. As stated by him, he began to think about the essential aspects of privacy on smartphones after his colleague was interrogated by Hong Kong authorities. Remember that the time of the trip clashed with high political tension between Chinese authorities and the Hong Kong public. 

And so, even though Essential was essentially dead, Jason Keats was not done with his high ambitions. He wanted to develop high-end products, and so OSOM came into being. 

The key aspect behind OSOM is privacy. Keats told media sources that the company is primarily focusing on giving people their privacy back even in this age of rapid digitization. He also said that Andy Rubin will not be involved with the company. 

OSOM is also an acronym for Out for Sight, Out of Mind. The company stated that its mission is to give people greater control over their data. They have already planned the release of several products in the next few years. 

The entry of OSOM into the big leagues is crucial at the moment since there’s already a lot of concern regarding social media platforms and privacy. Sites like Facebook and Google have faced a lot of criticism over snooping and even manipulating public opinion. The exchange of private data between multinational corporations has been a huge political issue as well recently. 

Jason Keats further said that OSOM will not ask customers to grant them access to their private data. Even if they do,  the company will ensure that the user knows where the data is being used.