AFL Sell-Out NFT In Record Time

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AFL or the Australian Football League is one of the biggest sporting phenomena in the entire world. Although it does not match the grandeur of the NFL, Australian Football has a significant craze in the sporting world. The league has been around for years and has a great legacy. Several renowned players have emerged from the league in the past. The league has always been a part of history and seems to be continuing with its rich heritage at present as well.

The league decided to merge with Metaverse and step into the world of cryptocurrency recently. They dropped their very first sale of non-fungible tokens a few days back. The NFTs were part of a limited edition drop. The tokens were received with huge positive responses as they were sold out within hours of dropping. This is a great sign both for the league and for the crypto world.

The recent days have not been a good one for the crypto market. Almost every company has been suffering from a substantial amount of losses. Even big companies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen their prices reaching new levels of lows.

Such a disastrous trend has made investors very much skeptical about investing in the crypto world. Most of them are already planning to withdraw their money as they cannot trust the future of cryptocurrencies. Thus, the response that AFL got from its customers is surely a great sign for the future of crypto. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

AFL Makes Record NFT Sale 

AFL is flying high in the crypto market at the moment. They have managed to sell out their first limited edition NFT pack within twelve hours of going live. The Ripper Skipper 2022 went live through the AFL mint program. 

Each of the packs was priced at $34.39. The estimated profit made by AFL is said to be around $130,000 USDC.