AI Working Group Created By US House Democratic Coalition

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Democrats from the United States House of Representatives have gone ahead and created a working group on artificial intelligence- which was aimed at bringing about new legislation around the tech sector. The New Democrat Coalition, which has about 97 members on the list, announced the AI working group on the 15th of August, where they stated that the group would work with the administration of Joe Biden, as well as the lawmakers and stakeholders from both the sides of the political arena in order to develop bipartisan, and sensible policies to address the emerging technology.

The group, it has been announced, would be focused on a whole range of issues which also includes how best they would be able to leverage AI for growth- all the while ensuring that the workers who would stand to lose their jobs could still be employed. 

AI Working Group Created By US House Democrats

The chair for the AI working group will be served by Derek Kilmer, who mentioned to CNBC that the main focus of the group would be to crack down on the spread of massive misinformation, whilst airing concerns on the advanced AI-generated deepfakes which have become quite prevalent online. Kilmer went on to add that this was the type of thing that would require Congress to get smart fast. 

As it stands, academics, lawmakers, and the CEOs of top techs have already signaled the need to reign in on the dangers that AI brings with itself. In May, the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, along with the top advisers of the President, held a meeting with several CEOs in the AI industry- where they discussed the concerns that have been brought up. In June, President Joe Biden held a meeting with the experts in AI in Silicon Valley in order to discuss a similar subject.