Alameda Research co-CEO Resigns, Caroline Ellison Soon To Become Sole Head

Alameda Research

In a lengthy Twitter thread announcing his departure, Trabucco, who has been co-leading the Alameda Research since 2019, says he will continue to assist but won’t be present every day.

Sam Trabucco, the co-CEO of Alameda Research, made his departure public on Twitter on Wednesday. According to Trabucco, co-CEO Caroline Ellison will take over as the only CEO, and he will continue to serve as an adviser. Sam Bankman-Fried, the creator of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, founded the quantitative trading firm Alameda Research in 2017.

Hong Kong-based Trabucco claimed that the purpose of his resignation and his hiring as co-CEO of the company last year was in a lengthy thread that was preceded by the tweet “On happiness:.” Bankman-Fried was succeeded as the company’s CEO by Trabucco and Ellison.

Co-CEO Of Alameda Research Sam Trabucco Resigns

After working as a trader at Alameda Research since 2019, Trabucco received the position in August 2021. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated in 2015, one year after Bankman-Fried. Before working at Alameda Research, he was a trader for Susquehanna International Group.

As co-leader of Alameda Research and a member of Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 list, Trabucco said that he had scaled up his responsibilities there during the previous few months and would no longer have “a strong day-to-day presence.”

Trabucco said he had no immediate intentions after leaving but added that he had recently purchased a yacht.

Before FTX, Bankman-Fried started the formidable Research frim. It has a significant position in the cryptocurrency market and contributed to Anchorage Digital’s fundraising. The corporation has been particularly active since the start of the current crypto winter, notably after making a takeover bid to struggling Voyager Digital that was rejected. Additionally, it has participated in initiatives like the MARA exchange in East Africa.