ALLE’s Rating Has Been Reduced By Zacks


The stocks of ALLE have been given a reduced rating by analysts working at Zacks Investment Research- where they have reduced it from buy to hold. This was then issued in a research note last Friday. Currently, the company enjoys a price target of $114 which implies an annual growth rate of about 5.40% on the current price of the stock.

The Stock Commentary On ALLE

There have been quite a few equity firms that have commented on the stocks of ALLE. Morgan Stanley has already raised the price target on the company from $109 to $119 while giving the rating of overweight. This was then published in a research report on the 20th of January.

The Bank of America has also increased the rating of the firm from neutral to buy, along with a price target set at $128. This was then published in an 11th November research report. In the end, Credit Suisse Group also came in with an increase in the price target on the company from $104 to $113. 

One of the investment analysts working on the firm has a rating of sell, while eight of them have already given it a rating of hold. Currently, ALLE has a hold rating, with a $108.56 price target. 

The stocks of ALLE traded on Friday at $0.15. The year low of the firm has been $77.37, while the year high has been set at $134.69. The market cap of the firm has been $9.95 billion, with a 33.38 PE ratio, and a 1.12 beta. The company also faces a 1.73 debt-to-equity ratio, with a 1.70 quick ratio, and a 2.29 current ratio. The moving average price of the company has been $114.89, while the moving average price of ALLE over two hundred days has been $107.79.