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Alliance Resource Partners, L.P NASDAQ: ARLP Earns An Average “Hold” Rating From Stock Market Brokerages

A group of six stock market brokerages gave an average “hold” rating to Alliance Resource Partners (NASDAQ: ARLP). Out of the six brokerages, one issued a “sell” rating. Meanwhile, two issued a “hold” rating, and the other two give a “buy” rating. The company’s average one year objective price stands at $6.00. 

Here’s How Stock Market Analysts Reacted To NASDAQ: ARLP “Hold” Rating 

B. Riley issues a rating of “neutral” on 28th July during the Tuesday report. On the other hand, ValuEngine increased it’s NASDAQ: ARLP Shares to a rating of “buy” from a rating of “hold” on 1st September during the Tuesday report. On 28th July, during the Tuesday report, TheStreet decreased its Alliance Resource Partners shares to a rating of “d” from a “c-“ rating. 

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Meanwhile, Zacks Investment Research increased its NASDAQ: ARLP Shares to a “hold” rating from a rating of “sell” on 29th September during a Tuesday report. Last but not the least, BidakClub reduced its Alliance Resource Partners Shares to a rating of “strong sell” from a rating of “sell” on 26th August during a Wednesday report. 

On Friday, the NASDAQ: ARLP Shares started at $2.83. The company stock market capitalization stands at $358.96 million. Furthermore, it’s P/E ratio and beta stands at -2.80 and 1.62 respectively. The company’s one year high stands at $14.31. Meanwhile, it’s one year low stands at $2.63. Alliance Resource Partners’ fifty days moving average is $3.10. And its 200 days moving average is $3.32. Moreover, the firm’s quick ratio, current ratio, and debt-to-equity ratio stand at 0.75, 1.18, 0.69 respectively. 

Alliance Resource Partners Last Earnings Report

NASDAQ: ARLP last revealed the company’s earnings on 27th July during a Monday report. As per reports, the company earned $0.37 per share. The stock market analysts had predicted that Alliance Resource Partners would earn $0.43 per share. 

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The company’s losing return in equity and negative net margin stands at 3.61 percent and 8.30 percent. The stock market analysts had expected the company to earn $198.00 million. However, it surpassed the expectation and brought an estimated revenue of $255.20 million. Last year, NASDAQ: ARLP’s earnings were $0.44 per share. 

It should be noted that stock market analysts expect NASDAQ: ARLP to earn -0.49 per share during this FY. 

R.B. Riley Wealth Management Inc recently purchased NASDAQ: ARLP Shares estimated to be $33,000. Similarly, Cutter & Co Brokerage purchased Alliance Resource Partners shares worth $74,000. Advisor Group Holdings Inc also made a purchase with $74,000. 

Another stock market investor to make changes is Jane Street Group LLC. It currently owns at least $83,000, which comes from 26,865 company shares. CoreCommodity Management LLC increased its NASDAQ: ARLP Shares by 14.3 percent. 

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