NYSE: AVNS Earns An Average “Hold” Rating From Stock Market Analysts


Avanos Medical Inc (NYSE: AVNS)received an average of “hold” rating from nine stock market analysts. Out if the nine, one analyst issued a “sell” rating. Two issues a “buy” rating, and five issues a “hold” rating. The one year average price target stands at $35.33. 

Meanwhile, KeyCorp issued a rating of “overweight” and decreased its price target to $43.00 From $45.00 on 5th August during a Wednesday report. 

On Friday, NYSE: AVNS started at $38.28. Avanos Medical Inc’s debt-to equity ratio, quick ratio, and current ratio stands at 0.20, 1.95, and 2.94 respectively. The company’s 200 days average simple moving stock stands at $30.15. Meanwhile, it’s 59 days average simple moving stands at $32.92. Avanos’s market capitalization is currently at $1.83 billion. The company’s P/E ratio and P/E/G ratio are -109.37 and 8.82. Avanos Medical Inc’s vega stands at 1.02. The company’s fifty two weeks high stands at $48.07 and its fifty two weeks low stands at $19.46. 

NYSE: AVNS Last Recorded Earnings 

On 4th August, during the Tuesday report, the Avanos Medical Inc announced the company’s earnings. As per its latest report, NYSE: AVNS’s earnings stand at $0.13 per share. The company has surpassed what the stock market analysts had predicted. The consensus amongst analysts was $0.23. The medical firm reported its earnings at $0.13 per share. 

While the stock market analysts predicted a revenue of $147.90 million, the company’s revenue rose to $163.70 million. Furthermore, the company’s negative net margin and positive return on equity stands at 2.40 percent and 3.52 percent respectively. 

Meanwhile, as compared to last year, NYSE: AVNS has witnessed a decrease of 4.9 percent in its revenue. Last year, the company was earning $0.28 per share. 

Stock market analysts are predicting that the company will earn 0.62 per share this year. 

Stock Market Investors That Shifted Gears With Avanos Medical Inc

Diversified Trust Co increased its NYSE: AVNS shares by 5.6 percent. Currently, Diversified Trust Co owns at least $484,000, which comes from 16,478 company shares. Similarly, Comerica Bank boosted its company holdings by 3.3 percent. Currently, the Comerica Bank owns an estimate of $933,000, which comes from 29.260 company shares. Nuveen Asset Management LLC also boosted its company holdings by 0.5 percent. It currently owns an estimate of $5,430,000, which comes from 201,622 company shares. UNS Group SG also boosted its NYSE: AVNS holdings by 9.2 percent. It now owns an estimate of $319,000, which comes from 11,854 company shares. 

Lastly, First Trust Advisors LP boosted its Avanos Medical Inc holdings by 18.7 percent.