OTCMKTS: BAESY Earns An Average “Hold” Rating From Stock Market Brokerages


Thirteen stock market brokerages have an average of “hold” rating to OTCMKTS: BAESY shares. Out of the thirteen analysts, two issued a “sell” rating, three issues a “hold” rating, and eight rated BAE SYS PLC/S stocks a “buy” recommendation. 

How Did The Stock Market Analysts React To OTCMKTS: BAESY Shares 

On 31st July, during the Friday report, JPMorgan Chase & Co issued a rating of “overweight”. During the Wednesday report on 30th September, Zacks Investment Research decreased its OTCMKTS: BAESY shares. They also shifted their rating of “hold” to “sell”. 

On the other hand, the Societe Generale issued a rating of “buy” on BAE SYS PLC/S shares on 15th September during a Tuesday report. On the same day, Jefferies Financial Group updates its OTCMKTS: BAESY shares to a rating of “buy” from a rating of “hold.” Last but not the least, the Deutsche Bank restated a rating of “buy” on 2nd July during a Thursday report. 

On Friday, OTCMKTS: BAESY states with $25.68. The company’s 52 weeks high stands at $34.74, while the 53 weeks low stands at $19.89. BAE SYS PLC/S Stock market capitalization stands at $20.65 billion. It’s beta ratio is at 0.92. Meanwhile, it’s P/E/G and P/E ratio stand at 11.44 and 12.59. The firm’s current ratio, quick ratio, and debt-to-equity ratio stands at 1.07, 0.96, and 1.14. BAE SYS PLC/S’s 200 days average simple moving stands at $25.60. Meanwhile, it’s 50 days average simple moving stands at $26.87. 

On 21st September, the company paid a Semi-annual dividend. OTCMKTS: BAESY shareholders were given $0.703 per share dividend. 

Here Are The Stock Market Firms Invested In BAE SYS PLC/S Shares

For the second quarter, Meritage Portfolio Management boosts its OTCMKTS: BAESY shares by 64.1 percent. Currently, Meritage Portfolio Management owns at least 121,289 shares. It’s estimated to be $2,911,000. Similarly, Parametric Portfolio Associates LLC raises its company shares by 3.2 percent for the first quarter. Currently, Paramedic Portfolio Associates owns $22,658,000, which comes to 886,796 company shares. 

Meanwhile, Silvercrest Asset Management Group LLC recently bought OTCMKTS: BAESY stakes estimated at $469,000. Cornerstone Investment Partners LLC bought BAESY stake estimated at $222,000. Last but not the least, Kigan Capital Management INC boosted its company holdings by 2.1 percent. Currently, Logan Capital Management owns $1,191,000, which comes to 49,857 shares. 

It is to be noted that at least 0.22 percent of OTCMKTS: BAESY stocks are under stock market investors and hedge funds. 

BAE SYS PLC/S operates as a provider of security, aerospace, and defense solutions across the globe.