Important Areas Regarding the Digital Asset Management platform


The most important 8 areas to consider when you are about to make a decision about the partner of Digital Asset Management.

Handling and Formating

One area of distinction includes the changing capabilities to administrate different file formats. Most of the players claim that they uphold the image, video, and audio formats with the most engagement. If the process demands the utilization of a specific format you will need to make sure that the sellers you’re dealing with are able to support this format entirely.

Management of user permissions

The supply chain of content production can be complex and long, including several freelancers, agencies, departments, and so on. The capability to extend more supple permissions so the suitable people have access to only the correct assets, it can be so precious.

Metadata and Searching

The supplier of DAM abilities with consideration to the search and metadata is the principle to the most significant advantages of the system of digital asset management, the capability to discover assets when they have been designed and filed. Most suppliers currently are using AI, either individually or with a partner, for video and photo tagging and recognition

Management of the workflow

DAM systems and their range of workflow management differ from each other. Some permit the corporation by the (@), while some complete the offerings of the project management. This feature is helping the marketers with their creative sources from the outside, contact about the variations. However, an asset is a developing or updating phase.

Moreover, they can permit confirmations later in the process to be acquired from the execs, brand managers, and legal teams. Though, several systems ease the distribution of the asset. These abilities might be created in the center platform or provided as incorporation or an adding.

Analytics and Reports

Capabilities of analytics are what marketers use to draw the outcome on digital media development and investments.


Most SaaS (DAMs) are available via new browsers on different platforms. However, some have evolved applications for platforms and mobiles.

Security and Storage

Most of the DAM suppliers have taken parts with Google and Amazon Services to help them host their clients’ assets and software. Also, rely on their mothers’ geographical allocations, normal backups, and commitment to safety agendas. Though, several participants provide clients different choices for hosting, something that is possible to be valued by projects that run in the market with tough data restrictions.


Since a DAM framework is intended to be the core “one source of truth” warehouse for all of a brand’s assets, a basic agent for an effective distribution will be if or not it combined totally with different tools in the martech stack.

Vendors vary in a great way in a great way regarding the types and the number of integrations they provide. A few are starting to vary in a specific sector with distinctive integration demands as well, for example, online retailers.