How to liven up copywriting for social media

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The power of a word, or even a series of a few words, can radically change the destinies of a company, improving their performance on multiple levels: from a sales point of view, with more traffic channeled to the strategic points of a company’s virtual spaces, but also in terms of reputation, prestige and positioning, thus establishing itself as one of the brightest and most competitive players on the market today.

It is totally untrue to say that communication, nowadays, should be based entirely on the attractiveness of images and videos: although we are in the age of the Internet and digitization, in which one of the most popular social media is precisely Instagram, which is based almost entirely on the quality and evocative power of photographs, it is sometimes necessary to create and propose content that is more dynamic than a simple image, capable of pushing the reader to almost immediate action, or at least inducing them to pay some attention to what the brand places before their eyes.

These results can undoubtedly also be achieved with images, with professionally edited videos with great emotional impact, but the highest levels of dynamism, in content for online communication, can still be achieved with words, with the power of the written word, read and processed in a few moments by the mind of the potential consumer.

A breath of life

When companies ask creative agencies to take over the management of their virtual spaces, proceeding to an SEO-oriented content rewrite and a general reworking of all texts (online and offline), what one notices in the following days and weeks is almost always an increase in traffic to the company’s website and other virtual channels, a possible increase in sales, with the inevitable result that the audience will gradually begin to perceive the brand differently, partly due to the blatant diversity of the content from what was previously published.

The audience will gradually begin to feel the substantial change that has taken place in the brand’s tone of voice and way of expressing itself, coming inexorably to appreciate all the efforts made to arrive at this kind of result.

A magical effect

Words can have grandiose effects especially online, in social media posts or longer textual content, the kind that usually ends up on a company’s blog or its LinkedIn page, but only if they will be able to induce the reader to a concrete, immediate action: this is precisely the goal of copywriting strategies, and it can be achieved fairly quickly by any company.

What is needed is to focus on the elaboration of the textual content, arriving at the creation of real lexical masterpieces that, in addition to complying with the basic rules of SEO, also have the ability to push the reader to take an action (such as completing a purchase), as if it were a giant invisible hand that would affix a gentle nudge to the consumer, pushing him in the desired direction.

The optimal result, in these cases, is to create a short and impressive sentence that contains within it a precise call to action, a call to action, thus employing all the power and effectiveness of textual content to induce a possible customer to immediately choose the goods or services proposed by the company. To bring about such an effect, your texts must therefore be animated by a vital spark, a silent momentum capable of producing definite reactions in the mind of the reader, gently leading him or her toward action.

These strategies can work indifferently offline and online: effective textual content, for example, can be employed on restaurant storefronts to induce passers-by to enter immediately after reading them, while online they can have some influence especially on social media. The power of the web, in this respect, can be skillfully harnessed to amplify the power of the message, thus multiplying its overall effectiveness.

Many brands have already begun to use extremely effective texts for their virtual spaces. Many companies in Southeast Asia, where the drive for technology and innovation is among the strongest in the world, have already begun to largely exploit this strategy, achieving great success: some of these are those that belong to the world of online gambling, offering online casino, known in Thailand as คาสิโนออนไลน์, slot machines and betting sites in which to find the best of online entertainment, to be experienced in total safety and without any kind of problem. The quality of the texts offered by these sites is especially noticeable in the excellent guides and useful reviews produced by a team of industry professionals, who scrupulously analyze each game offered by the site in an honest and comprehensive manner, providing all the information needed to enjoy the gaming experience.

Two or three words read by chance on a storefront, or within a social media post, can change a person’s day, setting a completely different tone.