Taylor Swift Explains New Song Titles And Speaks Of The Inspiration Behind Tracks On Midnights’

Taylor Swift

Fans in their millions eagerly awaiting Taylor Swift’s latest Midnights’ album has a new track title to help them through. The midnight clock came with Swift spinning the bingo cage again for another round of Midnight’s Mayhem With Me.

In a TikTok clip, she invited her fans to another round of Midnights’ Mayhem for a meet with the star. She revealed that she would be announcing another track title from the album. She continued that as there weren’t many left, it was getting more exciting. The tension was palpable with what it could be.

She revealed the name of the first track, Lavender Haze. She added that the song related to ignoring others to protect what she said was the real stuff.

In each of the TikTok episodes, Taylor Swift usually reveals her titles through a bingo console. This Thursday night she revealed the title of the second track of her new album. The album is set for release on October 21.

The singer mentioned that there was palpable tension as the caged balls spun and then finally one popped out she announced that the first one was Lavender Haze. The mayhem continued as Swift went on air to explain what inspired her for the opening song of Midnights’ Mayhem

She came upon the words ‘Lavender Haze’ while viewing Mad Men, saying she found it cool. She found out that it was a phrase from the 1950s that described being in love. Anyone in the lavender haze was in an all-encompassing glow of love, and she found the expression truly beautiful.

Taylor Swift Has Revealed The Titles Of 9 Of Her Songs From Midnights’ Mayhem

Taylor Swift has now revealed the title of 8 more songs after track number one, which is Lavender Haze. And only 4 more bingo balls are left in the guessing game.

Swift fans have several goodies awaiting them. Midnights’ Children will be out in multiple colors in its vinyl iteration. The Lavender Edition will contain a marble disc of the same color along with other goodies. 

This is Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, and she already has 10 No.1 albums, close behind Barbra Streisand with 11.