Speaking With Ekto VR About Its Amazing Shoes For Virtual Reality Walking


The shoes that allow you to walk in real life and virtual reality are called Ekto VR, and I discussed them in my post on the most bizarre XR gadgets available. Following that piece, I received a call from Brad Factor, CEO of EktoVR, informing me that a lot of upgrades had been made to the device since my last test. My curiosity got the better of me, so I suggested we have an interview so he could tell me more about his firm, his mission, and his product.

EktoVR CEO Graciously Explains What The Updated Shoes Were

He graciously accepted and gave me some time to show me the updated shoes and explain what Ekto is and what it may become in the future. Their accomplishments with the minimal budget they had were impressive, and I sincerely hope they can secure further funding to continue developing this technology.

The complete video interview may be viewed on the site, along with a slightly modified transcript, allowing you to select whether to watch or read it. To help you comprehend the transcription, I’ve included images and GIFs of the sections of the video conference where he exhibits the shoes. However, watching the video is still the best way to see that part. I’ll stop babbling now and watch Brad Factor‘s kind description of the awesome but slightly insane Ekto VR!