Coyotes Bid Adieu And End A Chapter In Arizona Before Moving To Salt Lake City


When your heart is aching and your mind is racing, you do what they did when they got together one final time. Throughout its 28-year history, the Arizona Coyotes served as a model for how to manage a professional sports team, a lesson in making the most of difficult situations, and a constant reminder that there are always a few bright spots amidst the chaos. On Wednesday night, the Coyotes defeated the Edmonton Oilers 5-2, although it was difficult to gauge the success of the team’s overall gambit in the NHL

The group of supporters wearing Kachinas saluted players as they drove out of Mullett Arena for the final time deep into the night. Employees who related tales about their loss wiped tears from their red eyes and took group pictures. When the Winnipeg Jets (version 1.0) moved to the desert in 1996, it was only a dream come true for a real, authentic group of people who were deeply devoted to the game.

“Hockey Is More Than A Sport,” Says Coyotes Owner

Shane Doan, the owner of every significant Coyotes/Jets club record, declared, “Hockey is more than just a sport,” before rejoining the spontaneous queue of people taking pictures, handshakes, and embraces between breaks in the championship game. “It’s the connections, the supporters, and the individuals who have spent their entire careers here.” They’re the security personnel. People, it’s the ticket. Everyone is affected. It’s challenging since we’re a tiny, close-knit community here.