Shaun Weiss Opens Up About His Addiction And How It Ruined His Life

Shaun Weiss

Shaun Weiss, a star of “The Mighty Ducks,” is talking openly about his battle with addiction to meth and heroin.

In all three “Mighty Ducks” films, the former child actor who played Greg Goldberg, a player on the junior hockey team, suffered in recent years. He was arrested in 2020 for burglary while being under the influence of meth and in 2018 for public intoxication.

Since then, the actor—who has additionally appeared on “The Cosby Show,” “Boy Meets World,” and “The King of Queens”—has been making progress toward recovery. His teeth, which were damaged by meth usage, were even replaced by a high-end Los Angeles dentist.

Shaun Weiss Hopes His Story Can Be A Warning Lesson

Shaun Weiss is now two years sober and has landed his first film part in 14 years, as he revealed in a recent interview on episode 22 of Addiction Talk, an online recovery talk show produced by American Addiction Centers. Every time Weiss used marijuana, he pledged himself that it would be his last.

Shaun Weiss worked on this cycle for three years. Unconsciously, he claimed, “I didn’t think I’d be living for much longer.” He started writing farewell letters to the people he loved.

When asked about his arrest, he remarked, “I was in terrible shape if those kind sheriff deputies did not step in and save me.” He attributes the recovery program that a judge forced him into to saving his life. He claimed, “I was not ready to trade a little pleasure for a life in jail. Weiss now uses yoga and journaling to help him stay on the right path. He claimed that when he writes something down, it does not stay in his thoughts all day.