Amazon Alexa’s Care Hub To Cater To The Senior Citizens


This newly introduced feature by Amazon Alexa is exclusively designed to help the aging population.

Care Hub is designed in such a way that it will make it easier for the people to look after the senior members of their family.

According to the officials, this new introduction is done, keeping in mind the demands of the customers. They said that for two years, they had to receive demands from customers regarding the use of voice assistants to guide the aging family members. This demand was specifically for the ones who preferred to stay in their homes as opposed to the nursing home.

In accordance with the Consumer Technology Association, this initiative of Amazon Alexa has opened doors for a market of an assistive technology of more than $30 billion.

Latest Amazon Alexa Feature

Amazon Alexa’s Care Hub To Cater To The Senior Citizens 2

All users can link their Alexa account to that of the aging person, you want to make sure, are safe. This is to be accepted first, by any family member of that person. Once they accept, you will be given access to look into their activity feed and send alerts, accordingly.

To be more precise, this is just like getting access to basic information. This is not you spying on them. 

Of one the special features of Care Hub include the ability to notified whenever the aging person is in need. This is done through an emergency contact feature where Alexa will immediately send a notification to the caretaker, as soon as the one in need calls for help.

Get close to your loved ones with this thought-provoking feature of Amazon Alexa.