Amazon Echo Dot Spherical Lineup: Robust And Cute

Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot and Echo Fourth Generation are spherical and consist of microphones, processors, and speakers. The Echo Dot having a clock has a LED display. All three speakers: Echo Dot, Kids Edition of Echo Dot, and Echo Dot having a clock have the same price($59.99). Let’s have a look at the details.

Amazon Echo Dot: Smart And Compact

Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon Echo Dot

All the three Amazon Echo Dots are like a softball(3.9 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall). Also, there are a lot of color schemes to choose from. You can choose from 3 colors for Amazon Echo Dot and 2 colors for Echo Dot having a clock. The Kids Edition comes with a panda or tiger design on its mesh cover. It makes the mesh look 3D.

You control the Amazon device with your voice. There are four buttons to control your speaker. It comes with a cool LED ring near the bottom. It results in a blue glowing effect (during listening), red(while muted), and yellow(for notifications). It results in an awesome visual interface

On the back of the Echo Dot, two ports, an audio jack, and a power port are available. There is a LED matrix dot display in front with a clock. It is easier to see and it shows the temperature, timer, weather, time, and greets you during setup. It is like the smart clock on a nightstand or a desk.

The Smart Alexa Experience

You can order pizza, play music from your favorite streaming service, and play Jeopardy using Alexa.

The Kids Edition of Amazon Echo Dot comes with a free 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+. Further, you can monitor and tailor your child’s experience by using the Parent Dashboard.

Amazon Echo Dot
Amazon Echo Dot

You can give commands from any distance and in any room, noisy or silent. The blue signal lets you know when to give orders or ask questions.

Amazing Sound


The issues of getting distortions and bad EQ mix at high volumes are fixed in the Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen.Having the same front-firing driver, this speaker has a cylindrical shape which provides more room for the audio.

The result is clarity across high, mid, and low tones, louder maximum volumes, and bass has improved. However, there is still distortion on the bass tone and the vocals aren’t so clear. It still fills the room pretty nicely.

The HomePod Mini sounds way better than Echo Dot, while the latter has more clarity. 

Several songs sound loud but are not so clear at high volumes. The listening experience is not ruined but not so sharp either.

Bottom Line

The Gen 4 Amazon Echo Dot is the smartest speaker on a low budget and makes your home smarter. The design is something to look at mainly the funny designs for the Kids Edition.

You can access a lot of things via Alexa and make your life a little bit smarter.