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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Amazon Might Not Deliver Your Sony PS5 Preorder On Time

If you managed to get a hand during the recent Sony PS5 preorder, you should consider yourself one of the lucky ones. The select retailers were completely sold out of preorder booking just hours after it went online. If you ordered your Sony PS5 from Amazon, we have got not-so-great news for you. Amazon might not be delivering your most-awaited gadget on time. 

On Friday, Amazon sent an email to several di it’s customers who had preordered their Sony PS5. The email expressed regret and said that they might not be able to deliver the Sony console by the 12th of November, which is its official release date. Several gamers took to social media and shared this email with their followers. 

Amazon Suggests Gamers Cancel Their PS5 Preorder

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The email said that the delivery of the Sony PS5 preorders might take more time than expected due to unusually high demand. However, the email continued that they will try their best to secure and deliver a Sony console to its customers after it is officially released in the market. 

The email also states that if anyone wants to cancel their item, they can do so on their website. Gamers have also been encouraged to track their Sony PS5 preorders in case they want to cancel their orders. Amazon did not mention any alternative date for delivery. It is still not clear if this email was sent to all gamers who preordered their Sony PS5 or simply people from specific locations. No other additional information has been given out by Amazon. 

Even before the preorders began, many had predicted a shortage in Sony’s latest console stock. However, the gaming company had refuted all such claims. Jim Ryan, Sing’s Interactive Entertainment CEO, told media sources that the pandemic had initially caused some distribution problems. However, they did their best to solve the issue. He also mentioned that Sony has a much larger stock this time than when they were selling their PS4 back in 2013. If we look at the numbers, Sony has sold over 2 million PS4 consoles across the globe within just two weeks of its release. 

Sony Representative Says They Have More Sony PS5 Stock Than They Had For Their 2013 PS4 Sale

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Even though Amazon sent this precautionary email to several gamers, many still believe that Amazon will deliver its promise since it has a good history of delivering high-profile games such as Animal Crossing and Nintendo Switch. 

Unfortunately, for many gamers, other retailers have also issued similar statements. As per Tom’s Guide, Play Asia also sent similar emails to its customers encouraging them to cancel their Sony PS5 preorders due to production and distribution issues. They further said that the Sony console is limited across the globe. 

It looks like there will be a shortage even on its release on 12th November. 

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