Sony PS5: Pre-orders, Release Date, Price Are All Set To Reveal This Week


Sony is finally ready to remove the veil on its PS5! With Microsoft announcing all the details of their Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, the ball lies in Sony’s hands.

Sony PS5 was hopeful that September 9th would be the day they get to hear some details on the 25th anniversary of the North American release of the PlayStation. But nothing turned up that day. The buzz is going on that a new event has been planned for 16th September.

16th September will see the event of Sony PlayStation 5 Showcase, where fans will get “one more look” at a few of the games Sony PS5 will carry. The event will probably also give out some important details like the actual release date of the gaming console.

Rumors say the release date for the Sony PS5 could be around the week of November 20th. This would be seen as putting up a competition for the 10th November launch of the new lineup of Microsoft.

Sony PS5: Price

The official PlayStation Blog does not have many details yet. Rumors about the Sony PS5 pricing suggest it to stand at around $499. The Digital Edition of the Sony PS5 could be around $399.

The HD Camera and the DualSense will come at $59.99 each. The Sony PS5 remote and charging cradle will cost $29.99 each. The Pulse 3D Wireless Headset will retail at $159. 

The Gameplay of Sony PS5

Many games that will come with the Sony PS5 have been leaked already. But the Sony showcase will surely come with confirmations and new updates. It will hopefully also include exclusive titles from the Worldwide Studies and other developmental partners of Sony.

There have been rumors about the presentation including gameplay from confirmed Sony PS5 games like the HOrizon Forbidden West. there will be timed-exclusives, and even a major horror title from a studio based in Japan.


This seems to be an exciting week for gamers! Microsoft has already ruffled the feathers with their new Xbox Series S and Series X. Sony PS fans are more than eager to see what their trusted brand will come up with. If rumors are to be believed, all the consoles should be up for grabs just as holiday season sets in. what will hardcore choose? Sony PS5 over Xbox? Or the other way round?

Let’s see what Sony decides to showcase in the coming few days and when the actual Sony PS5 release date comes up. If all goes smoothly, the release of these new consoles will come as a relief to everyone in the middle of this terrible year.