Apple Watch Series 6 That Can Monitor Your Blood Oxygen Levels Unveiled

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On Tuesday, the tech giant revealed the latest in its production, Apple Watch Series 6. It’s easy to say that it did not disappoint its fans. The Apple Watch features include blood oxygen level monitoring, among others. 

SP02, also known as oxygen saturation, stands for the level of oxygen that our red blood cells carry. The process is initiated by our lungs and travels to each part of our bodies. A healthy travel system would signify that oxygenated blood is getting delivered appropriately throughout our bodies. 

The Apple Watch 6 release has revealed that the latest model from Apple can now monitor how well the user’s body is receiving oxygenated blood. Apple Watch Series 6 will monitor the blood color from the customer’s wrists. The company has stated that they have employed four different sensors (red, green, infrared LED, and 4 photodiodes on the device) to accurately detect the blood oxygen levels. 

Apple Watch Series 6 Comes In Multiple Colors

Every 15 seconds, your Apple Watch Series 6 can manually take a reading of your health. Additionally, they can also provide background readings from time to time. These readings also take into account the times that you might be sleeping. It has also been revealed that the tech giant is supporting several studies that are dedicated to researching asthma, flu, heart failures, and coronavirus. 

Not just that, there are several other awesome Apple Watch features that you need to know about. 

A sixth-generation chip is being used for Apple’s latest model. It also includes a dual-core processor that’s similar to Apple’s A13 chip. This dual-core processor is known for being much faster than any previous model, specifically 20 percent faster. 

Apple Watch
Apple Watch Series 6 That Can Monitor Your Blood Oxygen Levels Unveiled 2

The tech giant’s chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, said in a statement that Apple Watch Series 6 will completely redefine what traditional watches are capable of. He praised the Apple Watch features of the blood oxygen monitoring app and sensor and said that the company is dedicated to focusing on its customer’s overall health, which makes their devices even more important for everyday life. 

Company COO Says Apple Watch Series 6 Is A Life Necessity 

This is not the end. It looks like Apple has more surprises up those sleeves. With this Apple Watch Series 6, you will get an outdoor display that’s 2.5 times brighter. You can even opt to keep it on display by using their “always-on display.” Furthermore, the device also brings forward an always-on altimeter. 

Additionally, the altimeter is also compatible with wifi networks and GPS. This way, you will be informed of any changes in the elevation levels. It’s excellent as one of the workout metrics. 

That’s not all, the Apple Watch Series 6 also comes in multiple colors. In blue aluminum tint, the Apple Watch looks gorgeous. Another red Apple Watch looks fresh and exquisite. 

Moreover, the Apple Watch 6 release also revealed that the device can track a user’s sleep and give them insightful data. 

Apple Watch Series 6 price ranges from $399 to $499.