AMD Stock Is One Of The Stocks To Buy Right Away


There is a possibility of halting the great highs being experienced by the S&P 500 at the moment due to some other growth stocks like AMD stock. There are quite a few fluctuating valuations taking place on the stock market. We suggest you explore before investing your money.

One growing field you can look towards is the advancing video gaming industry. Several new consoles are ready to be launched in the market very soon in the approaching holiday season. These expectations have hiked the outcome of Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) which offers customized processors to aid your PlayStation 5 by Sony as well as Xbox Series X by Microsoft.

Other than AMD stock, you can also check out Logitech International (LOGI) that is an expert in creating gaming accessories including keyboards, headsets, and joysticks.

Apart from AMD stock, LOGI has also been reporting an exponentially growing sales record in 2020.

Details About AMD Stock

AMD stock witnessed an increase of 137% within the previous year.  The revenue increased by 56% owing to the high request for EPYC, Ryzen, and semi-custom processors.  AMD stock was up in CPU sales for 12 consecutive quarters. AMD had a 68 P/E and expects to grow over 41% revenue within the next year.

LOGI On The Rise

The company’s sales increased by 75% last year and are still going strong.

Logitech’s 2017 financial sale was $312 and $690 in March 2020. The company is showing positive results in the future as well.