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AMEX: CEI: Is This The Right Time To Invest In Camber Energy Inc?

Camber Energy Inc’s one year high stood at $7.50. However, AMEX: CEI recently saw a decline of -7.57 percent. Over the past 5 trading sessions, AMEX: CEI has seen a consistent loss, which now totals -20.14 percent. However, earlier this month, the company released a statement saying that it will merge with Addresses Unusual Trading Volume and Viking Energy Group Inc. Has the news affected Camber Energy Inc (AMEX: CEI), or has it changed the company’s stock market position?

AMEX: CEI Overview

Camber Energy Inc witnessed an above-average price-to-earnings ratio. AMEX: CEI also has a beta of 1.0) for the last thirty-six months. One stock market analyst issued a rating of “sell” to the company. However, none analysts issued a rating of “buy”, “overweight”, and “hold”. 

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The stock market analysts also issued an average price of $781250.00 for Camber Energy Inc (AMEX: CEI). Currently, the company’s market float is 19.68 million. During the last trading session, AMEX: CEI’s average trading volume was at 7.42 million company shares. 

How Is Camber Energy Inc Performing In The Stock Market?

Camber Energy Inc stocks decreased by -20.14 percent during this trading week. Its quarterly performance stands at 9.57 percent and its monthly bump stands at 94.96 percent. 

AMEX: CEI also witnessed -84.00 percent performance for the annual rate. The company’s weekly volatility ratio is 23.39 percent. Meanwhile, the company’s last thirty days’ volatility level is 25.62 percent. It also recorded 37.73 percent as its 20 days simple moving average. Camber Energy Inc (AMEX: CEI) also revealed -20.23 percent as its two-hundred days simple moving average. 

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However, the company stumbled in the recent stock market performance. Since then, it saw its fifty-two weeks low and hasn’t really been able to rebound from the shock. Currently, Camber Energy Inc (AMEX: CEI) has settled for a -86.69 percent loss. 

The company’s volatility rate stands at 25.62 percent. Nonetheless, the company’s volatility rate saw an increase of 23.39 percent in the last one month. As such, Camber Energy Inc (AMEX: CEI) moving average for the last twenty days surged to +96.57 percent. Currently, the company’s stock has been trading at +12.80 percent. 

As for the past five trading sessions, Camber Energy Inc (AMEX: CEI) decreased by -20.14 percent. This has moved the company’s two-hundred days moving average by -47.74 percent. Its moving average for the last twenty days, however, had to settle for $0.7493. Additionally, the company witnessed a -47.74 percent overturn during a period of twelve months. 

As of now, the profitability level for Camber Energy Inc (AMEX: CEI) stands at -25.93 for the company’s gross margin.

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