Trump Coronavirus Positive: Stock Market Claims October Surprise

Trump coronavirus

October Surprise is a term used by politicians to signify late surprises. As the Trump coronavirus news continues to gather momentum, several people believe that the November presidential election results have pretty much been determined. 

The term, October surprise, is also connected to the allegations about delaying American hostage release for election gains by the Reagan administration. 

How will the Trump coronavirus news go down for his election campaign when the President is already receiving a lot of criticism over his handling of the pandemic? Moreover, how will the news affect the already unstable US stock market? 

Experts believe that future health policies will be dependent on how the president experiences the virus. 

On the other hand, the US Stock Futures fell by -1.85 percent. However, it has shifted from its worst level of this session since the European stock market has opened to trade. 

Trump Coronavirus News: US Stock Futures Fall By -1.85 Percent

Meanwhile, gold stands at +0.83 percent, and currencies like DXY stand at 0.13 percent. 

After the first debate, Trump’s numbers were already trailing in betting markets and November presidential election polls. Trump getting re-elected was betting at 37 cents on the dollar. Meanwhile, Biden was betting at 65 cents. 

According to Ring Nehme, a stock market expert, if the president recovers instantly, it will prove to his voters that he judged the impact of coronavirus correctly, regardless of any medical expert’s opinions. However, if he gets further ill, it will show that he had misjudged the pandemic. Even with sympathy votes, there won’t be much chance for Trump. 

Others like Marshall Gittler from BDSwiss Group say that the Trump coronavirus experience won’t matter much. Since he has already contracted the virus, his followers see that he is not “perfect”, which is what his campaign tries to portray him as; many of his followers are bound to reconsider their vote during the November presidential elections. 

Will The October Surprise Determine The Coming Presidential Election Results?

The American unemployment rate has veiled to 8.2 percent. Economists expect that 800,000 non farm jobs were added in the last month. These estimates will be cleared before the upcoming presidential elections. 

Besides, there’s also the US consumer sentiment data to tap. In a few days, the full impact of the Trump coronavirus news will be clear. 

While the US stock market is witnessing the October surprise, the European stock market has reported a falling process of 0.3 percent for last month. This is the second month of consecutive deflation in the Eurozone. 

In an already volatile US stock market, the nationwide protests, the pandemic, and now the October surprise: the Trump coronavirus news, no wonder stock market investors are nervous.