Nicola Peltz Shares A Teary Image Of Herself

Nicola Peltz

Page Six has heard that Victoria Beckham and Nicola Peltz, her new daughter-in-law, are engaged in a full-fledged cold war.

Brooklyn Beckham, 23, Victoria‘s oldest child with soccer star David Beckham, and Nicola Peltz, 27, recently wed in April. But rumor has it that problems were developing well before the wedding. They do not communicate and “can not stand each other,” a person close to the family claimed. “The wedding’s lead-up was horrible.”

The source claims that Peltz did not want her future mother-in-law “to be any part of the planning, and she would not clue Victoria in on anything.” Peltz is the actress child of New York businessman Nelson Peltz, a non-executive member of Madison Square Garden among other profitable things. 

Nicola Peltz And Victoria Beckham Are In A Cold War

Communication was quite limited. Nicola Peltz’s nice side was not made clear to the 48-year-old legendary Posh Spice, who was already finding it difficult to warm up to the new family member. The actress turned to Instagram to post an emotional message and pictures of herself in a vulnerable state amid rumors of a tense relationship between Nicola Peltz and the mother of her wedded spouse. Peltz wed Brooklyn Beckham in a celebrity-studded ceremony back in April, but lately, rumors about Peltz and Victoria are circulating, and the actress’ tweet has just fuelled the flames.

Although Nicola Peltz did not address the rumors when she uploaded photos of herself sobbing in bed on Friday, she did emphasize how her parents had taught her not to let other people have the ability to make her feel bad. Nicola Peltz penned, “I occasionally struggle to reveal my sorrowful side. They drilled it into me to not allow anyone to get me down or break my heart since I grew up with seven siblings and two really strong parents, who made me pretty tough. I had to build such a wall around myself, particularly in this industry.”