TikTok Names Pete Davidson As Lover: Katy Perry Cringes

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When Pete Davidson was referred to as Katy Perry’s “boyfriend” on TikTok, she had a hilarious response.

On Thursday, the “Teenage Dream” singer used the traditional children’s fortune-telling game MASH to predict her future home, vehicle, several children, and romantic partner.

The filter indicated that Perry would eventually own a castle, a Tesla with falcon-wing doors, and six children, but it wasn’t all.

The game chose “Saturday Night Live” alum Davidson as the “American Idol” judge’s fictional man instead of her true fiancé, Orlando Bloom, causing her to cringe.

She captioned the video saying, “no offence, @Kim Kardashian (and Orlando?).” As the Kardashian star is allegedly in a relationship with Pete Davidson currently.

Katy Perry Cringed As TikTok Declared Pete Davidson As Her Lover: 

However, fans flooded the comment box of the video. One of them commented that they would not give a damn about Pete Davidson and laughingly added that Katy Perry already has Orlando Bloom. Another user jokingly said it was just going well for a minute.

Another commentator said that when Pete became her lover on the TikTok filter, Katy Perry’s reaction was epic.

Another commentator also said they loved how the pop star said no offense to the Kardashian star, Kim, and yet didn’t mention Pete Davidson.

Early in 2016 saw the beginning of Perry and Bloom’s relationship. On Valentine’s Day in 2019, the two became engaged.

Daisy Dove, a daughter, was born to the couple in August 2020. With his ex-wife Miranda Kerr, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor is also the father of Flynn, who is 11 years old.

Perry said, “I’m a planner,” in response to whether she would like to have more children with Bloom. We’ll see, then.