Kevin Federline Wants His 2 Sons To Reconcile With Jamie Spears Against Britney’s Wishes

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline and Britney Spears are on bad terms after he claimed in the media that their two teenage boys had not seen her in months.

Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15, “have chosen they are not seeing (their mom) right now,” according to Federline, 44. He said they had not seen her in a few months on Friday, according to the Daily Mail. They decided not to attend her June nuptials to Sam Asghari.

Kevin Federline’s Behavior Has Hurt Britney Spears

Spears, 40, called Federline’s interview “hurtful” on her Instagram Story on Saturday. “For the time being, the guys have chosen not to visit her again. For a few months, they had not seen her,” he stated. And with good cause. He believed that the two teenagers would not support the mother’s present social media activity. Kevin Federline said his family was “increasingly uncomfortable” with “some things” without meaning to humiliate anyone.

One of them is the singer’s Instagram account’s nude pictures. As a result, the ex-husband had positive words for Jamie Spears, the singer’s father. Kevin Federline emphasized, even though he acknowledged not understanding why the guardianship had continued for such a long time: “I saw a man who genuinely cared about his family and who intended everything to proceed well. As soon as Jamie took over, everything returned to normal. He averted certain death. He continued by saying he would not be against his boys and their grandfather getting along again.

“I do not have any animosity toward Jamie Spears. Errors are made by people. I am sorry for him. The dancer said, “I feel like he was tested. Spears said that Federline should get primary custody, as requested by her mother Lynne Spears. She presently has the right to visit Sean and Jayden under minority custody.