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Among Us Updates Are Taking Long. Here’s Why

Among Us rose to widespread prominence in the second half of the past year. InnerSloth, the game’s developer, spoke about the reasons behind the lag of the game’s update. Along with explaining the delay in schedule, it also revealed the update timeline all-around 2021. This also includes further levels and features. 

Among Us said that the viral success of the gaming app was one of their least expectations. This led them to refocus on several things. In the beginning, they believed that was a complete game set already. The workflow for the game, too, had to be set up. InnerSlot said that it was looking for sustainable work-time for Among Us. Over two months, they mentioned, they spent restructuring and bringing out a new process. This also included having other extra partners come on board and help manage. 

Behind The Scenes Of Among Us

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The team of Among Us only consists of four employees. This relatively lower number made it all the struggles pile. The game also needed more support as well as certificates to be sent to other platforms. It has considered booting the game to platforms like Xbox or Nintendo Switch. 

The developer said that the work that goes behind the picture means leaving the game awry for a while. But it is what will help them in the future too. Other issues lagging them behind include plannings, legal holdings, and meetings. 

Among Us also made headlines for the several accolades it picked up in the closing of the past year. These awards include The Game Awards, 2020’s Best Game in fourth place by NME Magazine. With over 264 million installments in 2020, it was labeled the gaming app with the most downloads. It also revealed a new Airship Map back in December at The Game Awards.

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