Twitter Blocked China’s US Embassy Account


Twitter has recently been banning several accounts from its platform. One such platform that went through it is the account of China’s Embassy of the United States. The account suspension made several headlines. Twitter reportedly took action after the page tweeted a statement violating the platform’s stand for not dehumanizing people. 

ChineseEmbinUS earlier this month posted a statement on the application, stating that women of Uighur no longer are machines of “baby-making.” The tweet reportedly was backed by information on the China Daily newspaper. The tweet was eventually made unavailable from the forum. Twitter often hides the tweets violating its policies. The account has further not posted anything yet, dating back to the 9th of January. 

China’s Reaction To The Twitter Ban

The Foreign Ministry of China found the move confusing. They also further stated that the responsibility of clearing the air was the embassy. They should clarify the facts and eradicate disinformation. The disbandment of the account occurred about 24 hours after Donald Trump departed from the White House. The administration accused China for the Xinjian genocide before leaving. 

A spokesperson for Twitter said that the action was taken on the grounds of the dehumanizing policy. It states that dehumanizing on the platform is prohibited against people’s ethnicity, nationality, disability, religion, age, caste, race, or diseases. 

The embassy for China in Washington DC did not respond to emails for an opinion. Twitter is one of several apps from the West banned in China. However, several diplomats from the country promote its use for media stating. Hua Chunying, the spokesperson for China’s Foreign Minister, said nothing much in a reply. She did state that she was baffled by the act by Twitter. She stated that there were several reports against China about Xinjiang. And that it was the embassy’s responsibility to respond to that. However, the country has rejected the accusations.