AMRX Stock Is Rated By Researchers As ‘Hold’


Along with its several subsidiaries, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc (AMRX) licenses and manufactures, as well as develops and markets pharmaceutical products for types of dosages. Their products are also distributed in therapeutic areas. Their two operations function in two segments: Generics as well as Specialities. The Generic part of it commercializes liquids, injectables, inhalation products, soft gels, etc. These are also developed and manufactured under the segment. 

On Friday, AMRX opened with $4.96. The average rating provided by the ten firms implies that the shares of NYSE: AMRX should be on “hold.” While four of the research companies gave the stocks a “buy” rating, three of the others recommended it to be sold, and the other three to be held on to. 

Brokerages that weighed in on AMRX:

A hold rating was provided by SVB Leerink on the 15th of December Tuesday. The company declared the price of shares of Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc at $5.50. On Friday, 9th of October, Piper Sandler rated the company holdings as $5.00 to $6.00. 

Amneal Pharmaceuticals was given a raise by Guggenheim to $5.50 and recommended it be bought on Monday, 14th of December. On the same day, Zacks Investments Research rated NYSE: AMRX as a “sell” from to be “held.” The firm was given another boost on that day by Barclays; the price rising from $4.50 to $6.00. 

Amneal Pharmaceuticals’ Quarterly Earnings: 

Their last quarterly earnings data by AMRX was released on 6th November. The EPS topped their consensus estimate for the quarter by $0.04 from $0.12. The revenue of the firm was reported at $519.30 million for the quarter. It was compared to the estimate of $482.22 million. On a year-over-year basis, the firm’s quarterly revenue was raised to $37.3%. 

Many hedge funds and other investors have recently added their stocks. Some even reduced theirs. Several outside investors own more than 33.50% of the stocks of AMRX.