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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

AMZN Has Recently Seen A Rise of Around $4000- What Comes After this?

The stocks of AMZN have gained close to 52.04 points to end at around $3220.08. The trading volume for the company has been heavy at 4521751 shares. The company opened up the trading sessions at around $3,188.50, where the shares went up by $3,248.95, and then dropped all the way down to $3,157.18. This is the range at which the stock kept trading its price the entire day. If the daily chart for the stocks of AMZN were to be observed, one could find out that this company had been recording gains of over 29.93% in the last six months. Yet, the

 still seems to be around -98.03% lower than its previous price of trading. 

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The watchdogs in the market have been checking up on the stocks of AMZN because the average trading volume for this company is 5.11M. The high trading volume led to AMZN reaching 4521751 shares on their trading day.

Trading performance analysis for AMZN stock

AMZN already got entry into the green zone last week, along with a trend that looked distinctly positive, and a gain of 3.93. This performance has led to the shares of AMZN gaining by around 6.06% in a period of four weeks. This also led to an additional plugging of 29.93% in the last 6 months- something of a rise of 80.74% in the last trading year. 

The moving average for the company for 50-days has been 3,176.82, with the last trading week recording figures of 3,177.32. Over the last 200-days, the figures have been recorded at around 2,742.24. 

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