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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

ZM Has Had A Forecast of $1.79 Per Share for FY 2022

In a research report that was published to both investors and clients, several analysts from DA Davidson seemed to have increased the FY2022 earnings of ZM. R. Jaluria, one of the analysts, is now expecting that the company will be posting EPS of $1.79 for this year. The stocks of ZM last issued their results for quarterly earnings on the 29th of November, where the company had reported an EPS of $0.99 for every quarter. This went way above the consensus estimate of the analysts who had settled on $0.76 The revenue of the firm during this quarter was $777.20, which can be contrasted with the consensus estimate of $694.13 million. 

The return on equity by ZM was 27.93% with the net margin being fixed at 17.10%. The revenue of this company, too, was up by 366.5% on a yearly basis.

The Earnings Results of ZM

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ZM recently opened at $406.31 last Wednesday. The moving average over 50-days for this firm is $473.33, and the moving average over 200-days has been set at $340.58. The market cap for the stock is set at $115.56 billion, with a P/E ratio of 520.91. The beta is -1.4, while the P/E/G ratio is 12.42. The 52-week low is $62.02, while the 52-week high is $588.84.

Over the stocks of ZM, two of the research analysts from DA Davidson have already rated it with a rating for sell. Fourteen of them, on the other hand, have given it a rating of hold, while fourteen more have given the rating of buy. The average rating for this stock is ‘hold’, with the price objective set at $421.88. 


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