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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Analyst Upgrade Leads SQ To Set 1-Year High

The shares of SQ have reached a year high on their trading session last Wednesday- directly after Wedbush increased their price objective from $140 to $200. The firm currently has issued a rating of ‘neutral’ on the stocks of the company. The shares of SQ did trade at $224.17 and fell to $222.81. The previous close of the company was $219.99.

There have been quite a few research firms that have weighed in on the stocks of the firm. BidaskClub has issued a rating of ‘strong-buy’ on the shares of SQ. Seaport Global Securities has also issued a rating of ‘buy’ on the stocks of the company along with a price target of $250 on the stock. Barclays has upped the price target of the firm from $185 to $215, along with a rating of ‘overweight’. Smith Barney Citigroup has given the stocks of this company a rating of ‘buy’, along with a major increase in their objective price at around $215. 

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Three of the investment analysts working on the stocks of the firm have already issued it with a rating of ‘sell’. But there are nineteen other analysts who have given it a rating of ‘hold’, while the company also has twenty-four analysts issuing it with a rating of ‘buy’. Currently, the rating on an average is ‘Hold’, with the target price set at $165.41. 

The Quarterly Earnings of SQ

The quick ratio of SQ is 1.70- similar to the current ratio, with a debt-to-equity ratio set at 0.92. The moving average for the company over fifty-days is $192.28, while that of two hundred-days is $150.64. The market cap of the firm is $100.78 billion, with a beta of 2.68, and a PE ratio of 354.82. 

The company previously brought out its data on quarterly earnings on the 5th of November. The EPS reported by SQ for the quarter was $0.34, which beat out the consensus estimate. The revenue generated by the company was $3.03 billion. 

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