Animoca Gets Into The Business Of Crypto Racing Games

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Animoca Brands, the venture and gaming capital company, has completed the famous undertakings of Eden Games, the series of Test Drive, Gear. Club publishers and other well-known racing games. Eden Games is a company that is based in France and was established in 1998. There has been news that last Thursday Animoca bought 96% stakes of the Engine Gaming and Media for a valuation of $15.3 million.

Animoca Recently Bought 96% Off Eden Gaming And Media’s Stake  

The objective of this acquisition is to improve and upgrade the ecosystem of REVV Motorsport by taking the first initiative of Metaverse to pre-existing and new titles of game. This plan was posted by Yat Siu, the chairman of Animoca on Twitter this Tuesday. 

The company also wants to introduce racing games that will be based on the new blockchain. The added advantage is the fact that Eden Games has active partnerships with big automobile companies like Bugatti, Porsche, BMW, and many more which will assist Animoca to construct a more robust games suite that can be used for racing game aficionados. 

The ecosystem of REVV Motorsport consists of the eponymous racing games on the scaling solution Polygon of Ethereum, Formula E, and MotoGP: Ignition. All these mentioned games are based on blockchain and have the feature of integrating NFTs. 

The products of NFT are inserted into sports and this will help the company to capitalize on approximately $2 billion of Deloitte in the transactions of sports NFT this year. Yat Siu stated that the undertaking will add more value to the community of REVV and the metaverse of racing by putting all its assets in the world of racing. 

The company is also aiming to construct its original ecosystem of the racing game by filling up its void with the help of the racing brand Formula 1. The void was created after the F1 Delta Time game was shut down on 15th March due to its loss of license.