Another Stimulus Check Might Be Coming From Health Insurers


President Biden has recently stated his Plan for American Families. In the many proposals in it, the subsidies under the expanded Obamacare have been extended indefinitely. Furthermore, more rebates or another “stimulus check” from your insurance company is also expected.

The HealthCare Private Companies’ Stimulus Check

The Obamacare subsidies were expanded back in March when the COVID relief plan worth $1.9T was passed. Along with that. Private companies for health insurance are also going to pay about $2.1B. This will be as rebate amounts for over 10.7 million holders of policies come this fall.

This stimulus check will be the highest sum issued ever as part of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) after the record refund amount of $2.5B last year. For an average individual who purchased health insurance from the market for individuals, the cash rebate will be worth an average of $299 for the coming fall.

As for the reason behind the rebates, several insurance companies had failed to achieve the ratio threshold for medical loss as set forth under the ACA in 2020. It required insurers to claim at least 80% of their premium revenues for healthcare or activities that improve quality.

This happened in the previous year because companies saw health utilization and spending decrease due to the pandemic. Partly to blame was the providers’ choice to cancel elective procedures. As such, consumers chose to avoid routine care and further exposure to the pandemic by going to the chamber of a doctor.

However, very few people did not pay the premiums. As such, insurance companies recorder higher profits as they had set the rates without the pandemic in mind.

The market and your company’s amount of revenue spent will be the basis of how much one will get. About $1.5B is set aside for nearly 5 million policyholders from the individual market. The law states that the stimulus check should start getting issued latest by 2021 fall.