Stimulus Check: Be Sure To Check Your Bank Accounts For The Latest One!

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stimulus check

There is a major update regarding another stimulus check being delivered to your bank account! As the economy of the United States continues to gather momentum during this ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the IRS continues to work on issuing another series of stimulus checks! 

Your Stimulus Check Is A Part Of The America Rescue Plan!

The bank accounts of all the eligible parents will continue to receive tax credits regarding children starting on 15th July! So, you can expect your stimulus check within this month or at the beginning of the next month! The growth of the private payrolls appears to be surging at a much faster pace than what was expected during the month of June.

This news is confirmed by the ADP. However, the Department of Treasury and the IRS continue to disburse a million checks of $1400 to all those eligible and struggling Americans. These payments are being issued under the Rescue Plan of America. Hiring surged in departments under hospitality and leisure, which includes hotels, bars, and restaurants. 

All these sectors enjoyed the largest hike in hiring with around 330,000. Robust hikes in hiring were also seen in sectors such as utilities, transportation, trade, health services, and education. However, the IRS is going to issue your check soon! This year, the IRS has been very busy issuing all the new stimulus aids.

This year alone, the IRS has managed to deliver a total of around 170M stimulus checks. The value of all these checks stands at $395 bn. Approximately one-tenth of all the stimulus checks which belong to the category of the third series of stimulus payments will be coming to your doorstep in the next few weeks! Your stimulus check of $1400 is on the way!