The Oldest Pair Of Levi’s Pants Brought $100,000 At Auction, But Everyone Had The Same Question


When an antique pair of Levi’s pants rose for $100,000 at auction, it grabbed attention and left everyone wondering. No, even if it would be reasonable, the question isn’t “How do I sell my jeans for that much?” The problem is that they weren’t just any old, used pair of jeans it’s suspected that they are the oldest Levi’s ever to be offered at auction, having been manufactured as early as 1873. Although Levi Strauss & Co. did not verify the authenticity of the jeans before the sale, the buyer was undoubtedly comfortable enough with their veracity to part with hundreds of dollars for them.

Decades-Old Levi’s Jeans Sold At Auction

Before becoming up for sale, Levi’s jeans belonged to the collector of vintage fashion Brit Eaton, who also manages Durango Vintage Festivus, the yearly event that features vintage fashion and the auction site. About ten years prior, Eaton had assisted in arranging the sale of the jeans to a client in Japan. In 2022, after his first festival proved to be a great success, he decided to travel abroad and purchase the jeans for himself. After that, he placed the jeans up for sale, and a Thai internet bidder who wanted to remain anonymous won them. You won’t be shocked to learn that the jeans weren’t in the best shape when they were sold, given that they are believed to be decades old.