Apogee Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: APOG) Receives “Hold” Consensus Rating From Analysts


According to six investment research firms, Apogee Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: APOG) gets the average consensus rating of “Hold”. One among the six has rated APOG stocks as “Sell”, two have rated it as “Hold” and one has issued the rating of “Strong Buy” to the stocks. The research reports also state an average consensus on the price target at $21.00.

Several research analysts and equities experts have shared reports on NASDAQ: APOG recently. BidAskClub increased the company’s “sell” rating to a “hold” rating this Thursday. APOG stocks were raised to a “b-” rating from a “c” rating by TheStreet. DA Davidson increased the target price of APOG stocks to 425.00 from an earlier $20.00.

NASDAQ: APOG Stock Current Metrics


NASDAQ: APOG stocks traded at $27.14 this Friday. According to recent stats, the quick ratio of APOG stocks is 0.67. 0.86 is the company’s current ratio. The debt-to-equity ratio stands at 0.03. APOG’s market cap is $716.23 million. The PE ratio stands at 15.08. The beta value of the company’s stocks is 1.29. The 12-monthly low for NASDAQ: APOG stocks is $13.77 and the high is $41.07. The 50-day simple moving average (50SMA) is valued at $22.51 and the 200SMA is that of $21.58.

News about a quarterly dividend was announced by NASDAQ: APOG recently which is likely to be paid on November 10. Recorded investors on October 26, will be paid $0.188 EPS as a dividend. This suggests that the company might have an annualized dividend of $0.75 plus a 2.77% yield. APOG stocks have a dividend payout ratio of 31.51%.

NASDAQ: APOG Stock Analysis

The quarterly earnings report for the previous fiscal quarter was released by the company on the 17th of September. The earnings stood at $0.73 EPS for that quarter. This was opposed to the general consensus on the estimated earnings at $0.29, proposed by Zacks Investment Research. So, the industrial products company beat the consensus by $0.44.

The company’s return on equity also stood at 10.12% along with the net margin of 3.72%. The expected revenue for the firm was marked at $315.89 million but it made $319.80 million for the quarter. During the corresponding quarter in the previous year, the firm’s EPS was $0.72. Thus, analysts state that NASDAQ: APOG stock’s revenue is currently down by 10.4% based on a year-over-year calculation. Analysts agree that the company will post 2.29 earnings per share for the ongoing year.

Hedge funds and institutional investors have recently increased stake on NASDAQ: APOG stocks. For example, Prudential PLC, Principal Financial Group Inc., Invesco Ltd., and so on have increased APOG stock possession recently.