The Stocks of APPL Still Seem to Be Overvalued, and May Be In Water For the Nearby Future


Although the stocks of APPL did rise by 58% in the last 1 year, it might still be worth dead money until its high valuation. For, as the current situation indicates, the stocks of Apple have been flat for most of the last month, despite it peaking sometime back. 

The stocks of APPL did close out November at a rate of 3.2% when compared to the gain of 8.4% at the 100 Index of NASDAQ. This gain was tracked by a fund that was exchange-traded- for it helped APPL claw back to the surface in the last few days. Also, the last few months saw the stocks of Apple falling to about 6.74%, while that of NASDAQ rose by 4.99%. It must be noted that these figures are bereft of dividends, and simply talk about the movement in the price. 

The market value of Apple has been set at $1.97 trillion. Goes without saying, this makes it the second-largest stock in the world- if we were to go strictly by market cap. Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabian company has the largest market cap with a value of $2.13 trillion. But, since the Saudi company is not present in major exchange, Apple has since turned out to be the largest stock in the entire world- which is liquid. 

AAPL Stock’s Valuation Conundrum

AAPL is currently enjoying a peak valuation of its stock- as it has been sharing trade of almost 29.5 times the forecast earnings per share for the fiscal year 2021. And all this information comes from the assumption that this Price earning will increase by 20.4%. Interestingly enough, the EPS climbed a mere 10.4% the previous year. 

In fact, the EPS fell after the fourth quarter by 3.9% on the 26th of September.