Apple Audio To Become Apple’s Solo In-House Audio Device

Apple audio

All of Apple’s retail stores have stopped selling Logitech, Sonos, and Bose audio defies. This abrupt change suggests that Apple is making ways for a major change, specifically for Apple audio. What’s Apple audio? Well, rumors have been circulating around a noise-canceling headphone from Apple for quite some time. It looks like Apple is clearing out possible competitors of this new product from all its stores. 

The news has first been reported by Bloomberg. As per their reports, Apple is finally ready to release its Apple audio products. How great will the product be? We don’t know yet. But, with the preparation in mind, we expect that Apple is well-equipped with surprises. 

The discontinuation of other audio devices in Apple’s retail stores will impact Bose the hardest. If we consider one of the most popular Bose audio products, it’s noise-canceling headphones, it’s quite understandable why Apple is trying to get rid of it. 

Apple Website: Other Brand’s Audio Devices Not Available

Many users have shared screenshots showing that Apple has discontinued the sale of other audio products on as well. Several products that Apple used to sell on its website included Bose headphones, Logitech Ultimate Ears Megaboom speakers, among others. 

Why this news has surprised many is because the tech-giant never announced such plans. Usually, when a website discontinues the sale of a certain product, they give out a public message to everyone. However, it looks like Apple wants to reserve all the attention for the upcoming Apple audio devices. No wonder, the company did not wish to attract attention in this case.

As per records, all of these audio products were available on till late September. 

Now, under Apple’s “headphones and speakers” section, users can only find already existing Apple audio products. As per the Bloomberg report, employees in Apple’s many retail stores have been ordered to stop the sale of other brand’s audio products. 

Furthermore, Logitech and Bose confirmed with media sources that Apple stores won’t be selling their products anymore. Audio products from Bose have been banned from Apple stores before as well. However, it looks like this time will be harsher for Bose’s latest product. 

Unlike Apple Audio Devices, Bose Products Do Not Have Global Stores

Bose has just recently released its latest noise-canceling headphones. And unlike Apple audio devices, Bose’s products don’t have retail stores around the world to increase its sales. 

Moreover, Logitech still has other products that Apple sells like cameras and keyboards. Unfortunately for Sonos and Bose, they only have audio products. 

Additionally, Apple is expected to hold an event on 13th October. Many expect that the company will reveal Apple audio products during the upcoming event.