Apple Employees Have The Right To Speak About Working Conditions


A recent statement was put out by Apple on Friday, where it reminded its employees of their right to speak about their salary and working conditions. This move came after a few months of the employees of the conglomerate organizing a movement that has been referred to as #AppleToo. In the statement, the company stated that it was deeply committed to providing its workers with a workplace that made them feel respected, safe, and inspired to bring out the best in them.

This was posted in a portal for internal employees- which was later received by CNN Business. The statement further stated that their policies never hindered anyone from speaking about their working conditions, hours, or wages. 

Apple Statement Promises A Safe Workplace

The statement from Apple then added that the employees were quite free to raise any concerns that might come their way- in whichever way they feel most comfortable with. In the last few months, the employees of one of the largest companies in the world have broken with the secrecy culture of the company- in their bid to speak about major controversial decisions of hiring, alleged disparities in pay, and remote work policies. The company didn’t provide any comments for this article when they were requested it. 

Back in August, two of the employees of Apple, Janneke Parrish and Cher Scarlett, initiated this movement which would help the workers of the company organize and look for themselves. They called on their many coworkers to bring out stories of any issues they might have faced in the workplace- ranging from sexism, racism, to any form of discrimination- in their bid to see the changes the company could meet. 

Early in November, Parrish had filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board- where she alleged that she had been fired from her job as an Apple program manager as a result of her organizing efforts.